Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Imagination Prompts: Brainstorm 10 Titles to Your Autobiography

My dear old friend Imagination Prompts provided me with a great prompt for today's post: Brainstorm 10 Titles to Your Autobiography. So here you go:

  1. My Life: It's all about Glitter and Sequins
  2. Jazz Hands: A Cheerful Life Lived
  3. I Hit My Nose and I Didn't Cry Forever: How to Suck it Up and Live Life to the Fullest
  4. Get Out of My Way, Fabulousness Coming Through
  5. Hi, My Name is Lindsay and I'm a Crazy Crazbo
  6. You're Not The Boss of Me
  7. I Do What I Want
  8. I'm NOT Bossy, I'm Just Strongly Opinionated
  9. Dancing Queen: Living Out My Own Personal Xanadu
  10. No Really, I Don't Care What You Think

My mom and Dale came up with some other good ones, but most of them were serious. I was leaning more towards the silly. Maybe someday I'll come up with some serious ones, but for today, just goofy.

I noticed two themes that emerged from my autobiographies. One, clearly my life in my head is way more exciting than it actually is. Two, I obviously do not have an inferiority complex. Maybe a superiority complex. What can I say, my life is splendid and I love it. Don't hate.

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