Thursday, October 1, 2009

5 Things I Need to Be Happy

I've been on a writing roll for about two weeks which I am really happy about. But I feel like I'm winding down on things to write about so I was farting around while I was hanging out with my sister on Friday night and decided to google "writing prompts" and came up with this cool site: Imagination Prompts. I thought it might be good to bookmark in case I feel like writing but am not feeling particularly creative. So as I was clicking through the prompts I came across one that I thought was interesting: List 5 Things You Need. I thought that was a little general so I added "to be happy" to the end.

So the "5 Things I Need to Be Happy"

1. Love - Not only to be loved, but to love with all my heart. I need lots of kinds of love: romantic, friendship, familial, pets, etc.

2. Laughter - I never feel better than when I'm laughing. Luckily I surround myself with people who always keep me laughing.

3. Family - Not just the family I was born into but also the family I create with my partner. Both are equally important and I want them to be intertwined.

4. Intellectual stimulation - If my brain isn't pushed and I'm not learning something new, then I feel sad and depressed. I love learning and hope to never stop.

5. A Home - Not a house per se, but a place that I feel like I can be safe, wind down and be protected from the outside world.

I guess my needs are fairly simple and yet complex at the same time. I don't need anything extravagant, but the things I need can be hard to come by. I've been lucky to find all of the above things. It didn't always seem easy but now I feel like I've had these things forever. I guess when things are good in your life you tend to see the positive and can't remember when it wasn't just right.

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ange said...

Super sweet, love. I think my list would look very similar to yours, with some emphasis on cleaning. :) Heh.