Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Sister!

Today my sister turns 25. Let me emphasize TWENTY FIVE. A quarter of a century. Halfway to 50. Practically 30. Ok, now that I've reminded her how OLD she now is, I can continue.

Although I like to tease her about how I had the perfectly charmed life before she came along and ruined it all, I was actually really excited to have a baby sister. Sure it meant some changes, but overall they were changes for the better. I always had a playmate, always had someone to play tricks on, someone to giggle with and get in trouble with, someone who almost always knew what I was talking about, and someone that I could always have fun with no matter what we do. She is one of the people who makes me laugh harder than anyone else in the world (intentionally and not). I know she'll always go on a shopping trip with me (especially Target!). I know I can always count on her for a favor, even if she doesn't really want to.

Even though I have a crappy memory, I can vividly remember the day she was born. I remember waking up that morning and finding my grandmother sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper and drinking some coffee. I was slightly confused but then perked up immediately when my grandmother said "Your mommy and daddy are at the hospital where your baby sister is being born!" I was so excited to meet her! This was back in the day when hospital regulations were much tighter so I had to wait until they brought her home. I remember sitting on the couch and my parents putting her in my arms for the first time. She was so round and chubby and I just wanted to squeeze her until her eyes bulged out. I couldn't wait for her to hurry and grow up because I knew we'd be best friends and I would always have a playmate! Turns out, that's still true!

She's turned out even more wonderful than I could have imagined. Who would have thought that this chubby little girl who has rarely gotten a joke on first telling in her life would turn in to a lovely wife, a competent and caring teacher, and (continues to be) a fantastic sister? So congratulations and happy birthday to the (very old) Leslie Ann (Briggs) Reed!


Mandy said...

Aw, friend! This is so sweet! Makes me wish I had a sister (or sisterS!) to laugh with, hang out with and squeeze until their eyes bulge out ;) Ha! The sad story of the only child continues :P

Leslie Reed said...

thanks sister! you are so sweet! If I could remember the day you were born I would blog about it too, but unfortunately I don't :) love you!

NY Diva said...

Happy Belated, Sister of Lindsay!

I think my siblings and I are the same year-space apart as you and yours. Neato!