Friday, October 16, 2009

Big Weekend Plans

Ange and I have got some big weekend plans scheduled. Thank God she is on first shift these days because that gives us time to be together. She's also working 12 hour shifts now so she has to work less days in a week and gets more weekends off! Perfecto!

This evening we'll probably keep it low key. She has to work 12 hours today so I think we'll probably just have something quick and easy for dinner and maybe catch up on some of our shows or maybe watch a movie.

Tomorrow we will be Farmer's Marketing as usual. I think Broad Ripple Farmer's Market is staying open through mid-November so that is a relief. The Indy Winter Farmer's Market starts in December so there may be a few weeks with no markets but we've frozen a lot of stuff so we should be ok between frozen goods and Trader Joe's.

Saturday night is the big double date night! Ange and I will be putting our match-making skills to the test for the second (and hopefully MUCH better) attempt. We're scheduled for a nice dinner at Santorini's followed by some fun at Jillian's. No matter how the love match turns out I think it will be a fun and enjoyable evening with some of my favorite people!

Sunday I am sure we will have our usual Sunday egg brunch. Yum, yum, triple yum. We then have plans to do lunch and go hiking with another couple (Ange's friend and her gf). Hopefully the weather is nice. Right now the forecast is sunny with a high of 53 which sounds good to me. I am the master of layers so as long as it isn't raining I should be ok.

So much for the stereotype of lesbian couples just wanting to stay home with their animals and be anti-social! We're busy bees!

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ange said...

WE are only busy bees sometimes, lovey. You know we love to stay at home and internet...and be lame-os together!