Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Short Rant About Lateness

I hate when people are late. More specifically, I hate when people are late and other people are waiting on them. It irritates me to no end.

I have had some friends at different points in my life that were chronically late. I'm talking 10 minutes (or sometimes more) nearly every time we would meet. And of course, not wanting to rude and inconsiderate of their time I couldn't bring myself to factor in an extra 10 minutes knowing they would be late because what if they weren't and they were waiting on me??? And every time they would be late there would be some lame excuse and "omg, it totally wasn't my fault." Right, it never is.

Here's the bottom line when people are late: when you are late (particularly chronically) you are basically saying to the person/people waiting on you that your time is more important than their time and obviously you had nothing better to do than wait on them.

Whether it's 10 minutes or a freaking half an hour (seriously, I've had some people who are consistently 30 MINUTES LATE) I think, you know...I could have used that extra time to sleep in, work on homework, finish doing something, or hell, just lay on the couch and relax! But instead I'm sitting here waiting on YOU. Luckily I'm pretty prepared and usually have a book in my purse or something creative I can come up with to do, but the point is, I shouldn't have to! Whatever you are doing is NOT more important than what I was doing when I budgeted my time wisely so I could meet you at the appointed time!

So people, please remember this when you are planning on meeting up with someone in the future. Not everyone likes to wait on you.


NY Diva said...

Late people suck. TOTALLY SUCK. That is why I am thankful for friends like you who can keep me company when others are late. ;)

Mom said...

I totally agree with this -- and I know I'm sometimes late myself (and I can hear you snickering at the 'sometimes') --

ange said...

SERIOUSLY. This is why, I always arrive a few minutes early to nearly everything. Ya think people would have some courtesy and take their phone out of their pocket/purse/whatever and let you know they are running late. UHHHHH! Late people suck so much ass!