Thursday, December 4, 2014

Killer Sweater, yo

Back in the day when I was in high school, "grunge" was it. I'd call one of my friends that had a car, we'd throw on some Pearl Jam and cruise to the nearest thrift store to find the best hobo chic we could find. One day I found this amazing wool grandpa sweater that was really going to set my style apart. I chose to debut my sweater on a cool Wednesday in the fall ready to take on the mean streets of Ben Davis. It didn't occur to me that Wednesdays were plyometrics days in Advanced P.E. If you don't know what plyometrics are...well just imagine Jane Fonda doing CrossFit and you'll have a good idea. After sweating and dying for an hour I went back to change into my super amazing sweater. Well my young mind didn't realize wool is literally hotter than the blue blazes and by the time I'd walked to my next class I thought I might pass out from the heat stroke my wool sweater was inducing. Unfortunately I only had on a flimsy tank top under my sweater and we know teenage girls are clothes policed like crazy so there was no way to take off my sweater without being slut-shamed. There was also no way that I was going to put my disgusting sweaty gym shirt back on either. But staying in class was not an option. I was either leaving on a stretcher in an ambulance or I was gonna come up with a plan B. I decided that since I looked like I might pass out anyway I could probably get my teacher to believe I was coming down with the flu and she wrote me a note to the nurse's office. As soon as I got to the nurse's office I went into the female's cot room and stripped off my crazy hot sweater and fell into a long fitful, cool nap. By the time lunch rolled around I was cool enough that I could put my sweater back on without calling 911 and went on with my day. As luck would have it, I would be stupid twice that day because I threw the sweater in the washer that night not realizing that the sweater would shrink down to Barbie size after a nice hot tumble in the dryer. That damn sweater never hurt me again. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014


I often get complimented on how soft my skin is and what my secret is to baby soft skin. Ha! Literally, it's baby lotion. Simple, cheap and a quick daily routine. I put Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion on every morning and every night. It's the only moisturizer I use. Some people worry about "smelling like a baby" but I have found that after it dries it doesn't have that lingering "baby smell." Another pro-tip: use your sunscreen! The sun causes most skin damage and over time will dry out your skin causing it to lose elasticity and feel leathery. Simple, easy, cheap!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


The first time I ever had coffee was at a Model UN Conference in Philadelphia. Yes, I was Captain Nerd Pants and was Secretary-General of our Model UN Club at Juniata. I was in a session in a ballroom at the hotel where the conference was being held and it was FREEZING. I felt like I was in Antarctica. I had my coat on and had borrowed someone else's coat to cover my lap. The lead moderator of the session must have noticed how freezing I was because he snuck out of the room and brought me a steaming hot cup of black coffee. It was such a kind gesture that I didn't want to turn it down even though the hot liquid was bitter and strange in my mouth. It helped warm me up so I sipped away bit by bit trying to conceal my initial reactions.

I didn't become a coffee drinker then. It was years before I drank coffee again. I can't actually remember when I became a regular coffee drinker. Maybe it started with a $4 fancy Frappuccino and moved on from there? At some point I bought a cheap coffee pot for my house and would occasionally think to drink coffee.

Over the years I've developed a much more refined palette and my love for coffee has grown. I drink a cup or two a day -- never more because it makes me feel icky if I drink too much! I prefer a dark, bold roast. The more like mud the better :) I can't stand restaurant coffee generally speaking because they usually use light roasts with very little coffee. Like dirty water pretty much.

Just bought this coffee this weekend. It is DELICIOUS. Like a party in my mouth. I don't usually buy pre-ground coffee -- I prefer to grind at home to have the most fresh and oily coffee possible. But this coffee is so delicious I might have to stock up on some of this limited edition coffee!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I Miss Rain

Never in the history of ever did I think I would ever say I miss rain. Don't get me wrong; I love sun. I love warmth. I love living in NorCal. But every once in a while, a nice thunderstorm or a heavy rain would be nice. The worst part of living in one of the sunniest places on earth (no, for real - Chico is halfway between Redding & Sacramento) is that without even looking at the weather forecast, I know that it isn't going to rain tomorrow. Or next week. Or even next month. In fact, it probably won't rain until December. Months to go. Sometimes when you're feeling like a day off from sun, or want to sit around listening to sad music, or just want to lounge and watch the know it won't be happening here. Terrible problem to have, right? Too much sun! Ha! Most days I'm totally fine with this...just every once in a while I would like a summer rainstorm.

Don't even think I'll say I miss snow, because that will NEVER happen. I'll take 365 days of sun over snow. Brrr.