Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Apple Thief

So after the Farmer's Market on Saturday we came home, unloaded our goods and took the dogs out like normal. Stone didn't want to go out but he has been having good days and bad days (he's dying of cancer) so we just let him do whatever and didn't think anything of it. Brian came out after a few minutes and was like "uhhh, did you give Stone an apple?" So we're like "NO! Why would we give him an apple???" and he tells us that he definitely is eating an apple in the living room.

So I open up the door and call his name and sure enough he comes trotting out with an apple in his mouth. WTF???

We didn't buy any apples at the Farmer's Market and Brian didn't think he had any apples so we're staring at Stone munching happily on his apple wondering where the hell it came from. Brian suddenly remembered that his sister had brought him a fruit & veggie delivery the day before and she'd thrown in a few apples (she works at a fresh fruit & veggie company). But we still didn't know how he got the apple. Either he snuck his big nose into the fridge when we weren't looking or one rolled out and he snatched it before we noticed. Either way, he loved the apple. And Caramel was also intensely interested in the apple eating and snagged a few chunks that flew off the apple while Stone was eating. After all, have you every tried to eat an apple without using your hands and only chewing with your incisors? Not an easy or neat task. But apparently all this time Stone has been secretly harboring a love of apples. Who knew?


ange said...

I just gave him another apple. He deserves it. :)

Shannon said...

The image of this happening in my head is priceless...."trotting out with an apple in his mouth." LOL. Too cute!

ange said...

And today, he doesn't even care that there is an apple on the floor next to him.