Friday, October 23, 2009

And then Phil caused a scene...

So if you've spent any time around me at all, you know how I feel about people falling down. H I L A R I O U S. I know, I'm a mean cruel person but I can't help it! When people fall down it is sooo funny to me. I always, always check and see if they are ok first, but after I know you are, oh boy, I cannot help but laugh myself silly. I have a catalog of funny falls in my brain. I will remember someone falling for a long time, but if it is an over-the-top hilarious fall, it is burned into my cortex forever.

Now I am an equal opportunity laugher. If I fall down not only do I expect people to laugh at me, but if I fall down when no one is around I try and share the story with people so they know I'm not just a completely evil bitch. And believe me, I fall down a lot. So really, there is a good chance of someone I've laughed at to have a chance at revenge.

So last week my two best buds at school, Josh & Phil, and I decided to go out to lunch together. We settled on Pita Pit because the two gay boys could get their salads and stay slim and I could eat a falafel pita and continue to be a hefty lez. Pretty much anywhere we go we cause a scene although it's usually through overt actions rather than accident. Well on this day it was accidental.

Josh and I had sat down at the table to wait for our food to be ready when Josh got a phone call. He was chatting away on his iphone when Phil came to sit down. Phil was sitting there for a good minute when all of a sudden his chair was torpedoed backwards and he fell in a heap on the floor. I'm like "ohmygod are you ok?" while Josh gives him a dirty look and plugs his ear with his finger and continues with his phone call. To make matters worse, we were the only people sitting down, but there were about 6 people waiting in line right behind us. Everybody is staring at the commotion and the people at the counter are all "SIR ARE YOU OK???" and Phil's like "uh yeah (please stop staring at me)." Of course then I start to LOSE IT. I am about to giggle myself to death. So I say (through giggles) "What in thee helllllll just happened?" Phil said he was leaning forward just a little bit in his chair and it just shot out from underneath him. The floors did look freshly waxed so we think it was just the right amount of leaning combined with the slick floor that did him in. FINALLY Josh gets off the phone and looks at Phil and is like "Why are you being such a HOT MESS when I am on the phone???" And of course that just makes me laugh more and more.

So poor Phil. I've pretty much told (and even re-enacted) the entire scene to everyone at the Center. I've been trying to forget about it, or at least push it far back into my cortex, but I still keep giggling about it every other day. It really was quite hilarious. And I've fallen twice in the past month and I made sure to tell Phil about those so he could have something to hold on to. But since he wasn't there either time it's not quite the same. Oh well!

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