Tuesday, January 4, 2011


My mom & stepdad left to go home to California today. Boo, sad face. While we were driving them to the airport my sister and I were chatting and reminiscing about the good old days and I was reminded of a funny story that would make a great blog post. 

Leslie and I have always been outgoing and social. Hilary on the other hand was always clingy, shy and wimpery and never wanted to let go of our mom's legs. So imagine my mom's surprise when Hilary went off to school and at the first parent-teacher conference and heard that shy little Hilary was actually out-going and even sometimes pesty to other kids! Who knew???

An additional sidenote: both of my sisters were/are the pickiest eaters on the planet. Leslie continues to be picky but Hilary thankfully has grown out of it and is now pretty adventurous. However, during childhood both of my sisters packed lunch Every. Single. Day. Because apparently school food = death.

Hilary's apparent transformation into social butterfly meant that she talked way more than she'd eat when she was at school. Every day when she'd come home from school dad would unpack her lunchbox and would find that she'd eaten less than half of what he'd packed her in the morning. So EVERY day he'd lecture her about eating her lunch and not wasting food. And EVERY day she'd bring home her damn lunchbox with half of the food still inside. Leslie and I would be like HELLO? Throw it away at school and stop bringing it home! But apparently that never occurred to our genius sister while at school. She was probably too busy chatting with friends to remember. When she would remember that dad would be mad she would try and dispose of the evidence but in her again genius-y way she would throw them in the kitchen trash where dad would see it or in her bedroom where it would be eventually found. And then she'd get yelled at again. Sigh. 

Well one day dad had apparently had enough. He was unpacking her lunchbox and discovered her uneaten peanut butter & jelly sandwich. Rather than launching into the same-old lecture he turns around and screeches "WHY WON'T YOU EAT YOUR SANDWICHES???" 

And then...


Srsly. He whipped the sandwich from the lunchbox and into her shoulder where it landed with a soft thud. He was about 10 feet away and it was a PB&J so it wasn't like he was being abusive but she of course starts sobbing her face off and Leslie and I fall over dead with laughter. Of course our peals of laughter anger my dad who sends us to our room while he finishes his eat-your-lunch lecture with Hilary. 

It wasn't one of his best parenting moments, but it was certainly one of the most memorable. To this day we still re-enact the scenario complete with awesome sound effects. THWAP! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahahahaha.

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