Sunday, January 16, 2011

How I Feel About My Neighbor

I headed over to Imagination Prompts this morning to help me find something to write about. The first good prompt/question that came up was "How do you feel about your neighbor?" Ooooh. I have a lot of material for this one. 

I hate my neighbor. 

He is a dirty rotten scumbag.

All the rest of my neighbors have been cycled through in intervals between 2 months and about a year. Scum bag has been here for about 5 years. He is probably going to outlast me. Yuck.

Scum bag neighbor moved in after that house had been abandoned for several years. Some neighborhood kids almost set the house on fire once. I wish now that I'd let them. I just didn't want MY house to catch on fire in the process. 

When he first moved in he was quiet. Then he got two annoying shithead dogs that barked non-stop whenever my dogs were outside. His dogs stayed outside nearly all the time. I only let my dogs out to go to the bathroom and to play occasionally. My dogs don't bother anyone normally. But they hate other dogs. When his yappy dogs would stand at the fence and bark it would drive them nuts. Duke has smashed several fence boards trying to get to those little dogs. Daisy tried to burrow through to the other side. Of course neither of them were successful at getting through because I am a good dog owner. He is not. One day one of his stupid little dogs came into our yard and my dogs almost killed it. Luckily again, I am a good dog owner and stopped the death from occurring. However, the dog was hurt and I felt bad about that, but keep your yappy annoying dog out of my yard and that won't happen. This started a vicious battle between my ex and the scum bag where they would scream at each other over the fence and ended up with him calling Animal Control on us numerous times. After about the 3rd or 4th time I finally called Animal Control and told them that they were being used as a tool of harassment by my delusional neighbor and if they didn't stop I was going to sue everyone. I have not heard from them since. 

My ex worked for a short time (her jobs were always short...but that's a whole other can of worms) as a prison guard. This is how we found out that scum bag was a parolee. We didn't get any other info about him other than he'd been in jail for 10 years. Lovely. In her training as a prison guard she learned to spot different types of tattoos and she recognized several of his tattoos as being Aryan Nations tattoos. Double lovely. It did explain his nasty treatment of my ex. Hates the lesbians too. 

Luckily after the ex moved out we've lived side-by-side in quiet hate and solitude. He got rid of his dogs so that has kept the peace. I had my stepdad come over to "fix the fence" and flex some muscle so he knew not to screw with me anymore or that Dale would come over and pound him. That's what I imagine he thought anyway. Dale wouldn't pound anyone, but he has the handy advantage of looking big and mean and scary. 

Things have taken a turn for the weird this past year. We don't think scum bag has any electricity over at his house. He cooks everything outside on a smoker/grill (which has an added bonus of making our backyard smell like a campfire 24-7, YUCK). He has a wood burning stove inside that is ALWAYS going and we have not seen any signs of lights on in the evening in about 6 months. I'm thinking he is in the poor house in a major way. I keep hoping it is a sign that his house is about to be foreclosed on, but since his mom actually owns the house (another useful tid bit we found out along the way) it probably isn't. He's just a weird scum bag who was sent to torture me until we move. 

In sum, I hate my stupid neighbor.

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