Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesdays with Grannie: Whoops!

There are a lot of sad things that happen when someone starts showing signs of Alzheimer's. But luckily, I'm going to spare you those details today. Sometimes you have to take sad things and make them funny. One day I had to take grannie to a doctor's appointment for something or the other. Being that we live in Indiana and it is winter I made sure she was bundled up like Nanook of the North and my car was heated up before I shuttled her out of the car to take off. I loaded her in, loaded in her walker and purse, climbed in and we took off. One thing I did NOT do before we left the house was look down. 

Whoops. We were already half way to the doctor before I noticed and not wanting to embarrass her I didn't mention it. We made it all the way home and had her settled in her chair before she noticed (it was about 4 pm). She was like "OH GOODNESS! Here I've been running around town with two different shoes on! How embarrassing!" I reassured her that I didn't notice so I'm sure no one else did. It was a little white lie. I didn't first. Luckily she thought it was the funniest thing ever so she pretty much told everyone who came over to visit that day about her little mix-up. Besides, she isn't the only person to do this. One year my aunt worked the night shift before Thanksgiving and showed up at Thanksgiving lunch with the family with 2 different shoes on and she was in her early 40's. After this incident with my grandma my sister said that one of her fellow teachers came to school with two different shoes on and she's in her 20's! So I told gram not to worry, it was just a funny story that gave us a good laugh. No harm no foul.

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