Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Troll Haired Somalian

When our baby sister was little, she was subjected to a lot of torture by me and Leslie. Like Leslie says, it's nothing personal, it was just the natural birth order of things. She was little and mousy and we were bigger and meaner and we spent a lot of time together. Sworry sisto. 

One of Hilary's nicknames when she was little was "The Troll Haired Somalian." Troll hair because, well, her hair was always looking like a troll. She has very fine hair that has a tendency to get all fuzzy easily and she was never really a fan of a hairbrush. And she always has been a fan of naps and sleeping. SO she would fall asleep and brush her head up against things like you would do with a balloon if you wanted to make your hair stand straight up. She didn't probably want it to stick straight up, but it did anyway. I've illustrated some examples for you to judge with your own eyes. 


Troll haired Hilary for fakesies:

Troll haired Hilary for realsies:

Sidenote: Our dad also let her dress in very unfortunate clothes. I tried, really I did, but to no avail. Hence the monstrosity in this picture.

See the similarities? I think so.

So now that we have that part covered, we can move on to the Somalian part. Even as younger versions of ourselves we were very politically aware. The Somalian civil war broke out in 1991 and that's when we started seeing horrible pictures of starving Somali children all over the news. When Hilary was little she was very thin. Like underweight legitimately. She was the smallest kid in the school in kindergarten I'm pretty sure. So being politically aware but still pretty much jerks we identified our scrawny little sister with the starving Somali children we saw on tv all the time.

Ta-da! Troll haired Somalian!


Leslie Reed said...

Hahaha However, looking back at all our old photos I think Hils was a very cute troll-haired Somalian! ps I like the square pattern sweater!

Shireanian said...

"when she was little" as IF you don't torture me still! ;P

I like the photoshopped Troll, I LOL'd!