Thursday, January 20, 2011

Makeovers with Dad

Sometimes my dad makes me crazy. We fight like cats and dogs, but deep down, we love each other so much. Even when he's being annoying, I can't forget all the wonderful things about him.

Like makeovers.

My dad used to let us give him makeovers all the time when we were little.

I'm not talking "let's get you out of those old man shorts and into some cool running pants" makeovers. I'm talking about putting bows and clips and pony tails all over his head.

We had this awesome couch (as an aside: that our wicked StepMonster mother got rid of when they moved into their new house. She said it was all junky or something. As if!) that had a really low back. It was a cool retro 80's couch. Anyway, it hit our dad just below his shoulders leaving the back of his head completely exposed and accessible.

My dad is and always has been OBSESSED with watching sports on tv. If dad was watching tv he didn't really care what we were doing besides NOT being loud and screaming in his face. One of our favorite things to do was give him gorgeous makeovers.

My sisters and I would put little pony tails and barrettes and bows all over the back of his head. As long as we didn't giggle too much he could have cared less. It was awesome. I wish I had a picture of him, but sadly, I don't.

This is the best I could do:

You wish your paint skills were as awesome as mine.


Leslie Reed said...

hahahahahah i LOVE the picture!!

Shireanian said...