Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesdays with Grannie: Field Trip!

Today I brought Grannie to her weekly hair appointment (more about that next week) at 2:30. We got done early and had time to kill before her doctor appointment. I asked her if she wanted to go anywhere and she couldn't really think of anything to do. Also, her little leggie was hurting so I didn't want to drag her out for no good reason. 

As we were driving in the direction-ish of her doctor we passed by my sister's school so I suggested we go and see if Leslie was around so Gram could see her classroom. She was VERY excited about that idea.

So after stalking my sister I finally found her and she let us in. 

Here is Gram checking out pictures of Leslie's students that she has in a school bus in the hallway. 

Here's Leslie giving Gram a tour of the room. Gram was very interested and couldn't stop looking around and asking questions. She was so cute! She said schools had changed a lot since she was a kid! Overall we stayed for about 15 minutes. It was the perfect stop before we headed on to our next appointment!