Friday, January 7, 2011

Scrooges/Jehovah's Witnesses (But not really)

So this post is going to make Ange and I sound all hateful but I promise we are not. 

I've always loathed decorating for the holidays. I've never been one to go out and admire other people's gaudily decorated houses. I like a clean modern look (emphasis on the "look" and less on the "clean") and I don't like mucking it up for weeks on end with cheap & ugly decorations. I like holidays themselves, just not the stupid decorations that take hours to put up only to take hours to take down a few weeks later. Just like daylight savings time, why do something when you are just going to turn around and undo it a little while later? Lazy...maybe. 

My grandmother and Aunt have always made it a big deal to come over and decorate her house for Christmas. I loathe this every year. And as we've grown older most of my family totally bails on her, not because they don't like decorating, but because they are lazy and don't want to be driven crazy by other family members. So usually it is me, the one who abhors decorating anyway, that ends up helping. I was lucky enough to get out of decorating this year but I did get swindled into helping minimally take things down. I hated every second of it. 

I thought I was doomed to be deemed a scrooge for the rest of my life and would be forced into decorating for all eternity. Two former dating partners attempted to make me get in the holiday spirit. The first one gave up the third time the dogs knocked over the tree and I was relieved, though she still did make us put up some lame things like stockings and a wreath. Gag. The other one was not an official gf so she didn't get much say. She tried to "surprise" me by buying a ceramic lighted tree to sit on the kitchen table. Thankfully that left the house promptly after she did. 

And then in waltzed Ange into my life. As I mentioned before, she is perfect for me. We met during Christmas season and I quickly found out that she also hated decorating. SCORE!!! Just one more reason that we fell in love. We've pledged that we will never decorate our houses with any stupid holiday decorations as long as we both shall live. No stupid jack-o-lanterns rotting on the porch, no ridiculous turkey decorations, no smelly old trees that you have to struggle with, no hideous Easter Bunny paraphernalia, or any other random holiday in-between. It's not that we don't enjoy/recognize/celebrate those holidays...we for sure aren't Jehovah's Witnesses or anything, we just prefer to celebrate in our hearts and not by gaudily adorning our houses.

We realize this may be strange when kids come along and we haven't quite figured out how we'll work it all out, but I'm confident in our abilities to think logically and rationally and wing it if we have to. Our kids will be used to our strange ways by the time they realize that our family is different (in more ways than one) so I'm sure they won't make too big a deal.

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