Monday, January 3, 2011

All Time Favorite Movies

I'm trying to get back in the groove of writing so I'm throwing together some random posts to get my fingers going. I looked for some prompts and one of them said something about favorite movies so I thought I'd give you a run down of some of my all time favorite movies:
  1. Footloose: My ALL TIME very favorite fantastically fabulous movie. Teen angst, breaking rules, dancing, 80's music? Really, is there anything better? I think not. Let's DANCE!!!
  2. Dirty Dancing: Again, many of the same things as Footloose but with a little more romance. Every time I watch this movie I have the time of my life. Srsly.
  3. Annie: Who doesn't love a little red headed orphan singing songs about everything? And rags to riches stories are always good in my book.
  4. Sound of Music: Never before have I wanted to be a kid living around heinous Nazis. If only my mother were a former nun/seductress.
  5. Xanadu: A roller skating movie with kicky 70s music. Nuff said.
  6. The Last Unicorn: Way better than any stupid Disney movie. Magic, unicorns, strange bestiality twist? Trust me, it's awesome.
  7. Ferris Bueller's Day Off: Bueller? Bueller? So funny. I always wished I could be as bad ass as Ferris. 
  8. Odd Couple 2: I srsly am in tears every time I watch this movie. It's so freaking funny I can hardly stand it. Must watch to understand.
  9. A Few Good Men: YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! Kevin Bacon, Tom Cruise before he got all crazbo, and Jack Nicholson were all awesome in this movie. Ok, Kevin Bacon wasn't all the awesome but hello, he's Mr. Footloose so of course he gets a shout out.
  10. Devil Wears Prada: The book was even better but don't let that stop you from watching this awesome movie. Meryl Streep is delicious in this movie and Anne Hathaway is smoking hot. Plus? Super hot fashion.
There you go. A movie marathon list all conveniently summarized for you. You're welcome. 

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