Thursday, January 6, 2011


When I was younger I was OBSESSED with unicorns. I had the largest porcelain/glass/figurine collection in California I'm pretty sure. At some point I think I was embarrassed by the collection and sold them in a garage sale. Damn pressure to conform during adolescence. I'd kill for it now.

I went looking for pictures of unicorns for this blog and you'd probably be amazed at how many pictures of unicorns and unicorn paraphernalia you can find out on the interwebs.

Cute unicorns:

Unicorn t-shirts (totally would have worn this when I was little):

Unicorn bandaids (I would have KILLED for these):

Lots of media-related to unicorns (including my FAV movie The Last Unicorn):

TONS of unicorn tattoos...sidenote, Ange totally convinced me at one point that she was getting a unicorn tattoo. I was both thrilled and scared all at the same time:

And quite possibly my favorite find, A Last Unicorn dress:

Let's declare this National Unicorn Day! It might be just me celebrating but yay anyway!

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