Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Watching Mr. Bones with O

So last night the internet was down (hence no blogs yesterday) and there wasn’t much like I felt like doing since I was feeling a little blah (I think it’s mostly the weather and the fact that I’m just tired and can’t get caught up!) so I told O we should watch a movie. After about 10 minutes of discussion we settled on Bruce Almighty, although I wasn't terribly enthused about it. But it was a Nigerian DVD so it had like 30 movies on it so I made him scroll through to see if there was anything better. We were discussing different movies and he asked if I had ever seen “Mr. Bones.” I had never even heard of it so he assured me it was “very funny” and we should watch it. He started the movie and the first credit we see is “The Gods Must be Crazy.” Ahhhh, so that’s what Mr. Bones is. It’s always funny when you see the alternative names for American-made movies.

We started to watch it and it was showing the tribal African family running around in loin cloths and drinking water off of leaves and I said to O “You know that’s how most Americans think Africans live.” He looked at me and said “Get real.” I said, “No for real.” He looked back at me and said “What a joke.” And then some kids ran across the screen with bare butts and I said “What? You don’t go to school dressed like that?” He cracked up and said “No. I would get in so much trouble.” Sadly the CD was busted and we didn’t get to watch much more. Then we went on to the new Karate Kid. Yippee for me.

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ange said...

AHAHAH!! He sounds like a little cutie!