Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Hebrew & Random Answers: A Typical Day's Conversation

Obviously the M's have an internet connection since I am blogging and Facebooking, etc. The funny thing is that when I first connected my Google page was all in Hebrew. And it comes up as which indicates that we are connecting through an Israeli internet service. Ok, no biggie most of the time. Randomly Blogger will only display all the command functions in Hebrew which of course I cannot read so I just have to randomly guess and click on things. But usually going back to the Google homepage and clicking on "English" will fix most things.

I was kind of wondering why they had an Israeli connection, being that we are in Africa and Israel seems like an awful long way to travel for internet. I didn't know if there was some secret Israeli business cohort living in Benin that I didn't know about. So one day I casually inquire as to why we have an Israeli connection/everything is in Hebrew. The person I asked looks at me with complete seriousness and says "Oh it's because we source the internet from Egypt." WHAT? Most random answer ever that still makes no sense on multiple levels. But one thing I've learned working in Nigeria is that sometimes it's best to not further inquire because it A. usually gets you no where anyway and probably even farther from the logical answer you are looking for and B. involves you in a very long conversation that you probably don't want to have, especially when you go back to point A. So I just said "Oh, ok" like that answer made complete sense. Right.


Mom said...

ah, finally got internet here so I can catch up on your blog. It's like I was in Africa or something. I'd write the random thing in Hebrew but since I don't know any, I will just say hello!

ange said...

That's so random.