Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lions and Tigers and...Monsters? Oh My!

The other night we got into a discussion about scary movies and how none of us were all that fond of them but some of the gentleman were declaring that even though they did not prefer them there was still nothing to be scared about because they were just movies. Yeah...right. Some of us, with very over-active imaginations can get past that fact and become terrified with even a mention of a scary boogey man type movie. Making this conversation even worse is the fact that I have to walk to my room in the guest house across a very dark, albeit very short, walk across the lawn separating the two houses. My 12 year old bff O was very much in agreement with me as he has to walk even farther to get to his living accommodations in the main house (Mama's house). M looked at us and said "You are scared even though you live in a walled compound that is guarded by gatemen AND military police?" Uh, clearly he did not realize that scary monsters do not care about gates, gatemen or police with big guns. Luckily O was still on my side. But to add to the terror he also said that the dogs that they release every night at midnight are also very mean. If you run from them apparently they will chase you, bite you and kill you. Or something very scary. Grrrrreat. One more thing to be terrified of when walking home. Oh, and you think I'm being dramatic I'm sure...take a look:

My walk during the day:

My walk at night:

Update: I wrote this last week but with internet issues I couldn't upload the pictures until now. Over the weekend a repair man came and fixed many of the lights around the compound. So now my walk is much brighter and not as scary. But as we know...most monsters don't really care about light anyway.

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ange said...

YIKES! You will be happy to know that me and dogs have taken care of all the monsters at our house! IT's monster free!