Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aaaaaaah, it's electric! Quirk #8709808

My brother-in-law (BIL) is an electrician. He spends the first 20 minutes in every new place he visits inspecting the walls to see if the electricity in the house has been installed "to code." And then he shakes his head and offers a pitying assessment of what is wrong. Usually followed with something like "amateurs," "old house, needs updating" or even worse... "non-union I'm sure." My BIL would be horrified if he lived in Africa.

Nothing in Africa follows ANY code, much less when it comes to safety and sense. I spend an inordinate amount of time pausing and thinking "Is electrical current pulsing through my body or am I just having a weird moment?" Usually it's the former. Obviously it isn't a major shock (or I'd be dead or seriously injured) but I definitely have felt tingling throughout my body on more occasions than I can count. Not that I am an electrician, or really know anything about electricity at all, but having heard my BIL and stepdad talking enough I think that most of the time the "electrician" (or whoever randomly installed the said electrical source, definitely non-union) has forget to ground it. After a while you get to know which outlets will shock you and/or the little tricks you have to do to avoid the shock, e.g. plug it in when the switch is off.

Anyway I'm off to try and make my hair stand on end. Ta-ta!


Leslie Reed said...

Clint liked your blog! He did his little

ange said...

Holy cow! I'm glad I don't have to get shocked by no DANG electric!

Diva of Diversity said...

Hahahaha. Glad we could make BIL laugh!