Friday, July 23, 2010

Quirk #764921

So yeah, I know I'm not supposed to say things are "weird" and rather be more p.c. and say that things are "different," but I'm sorry. Sometimes things are just weird. That doesn't mean bad, but definitely weird. Take for instance, this one light switch in my room:

Yeah, so there is a light. And then there is a place on the wall where one might find a switch. But instead of a standard wall switch there is a giant (I would estimate about 20 feet long) cord that has a button on the end of it and that is the light switch. It's totally weird! And again, it's totally weird, but I totally don't mind because if you look close you will see that it is draped across my bed which would indicate that at night when I am laying in bed reading I can conveniently hit the button while lying there saving me a trip across the dark room where I could either trip and fall or get attacked by monsters. Totally.

1 comment:

ange said...

Attacked by monsters. HAHHA!!! You are so crazy. <3