Thursday, July 22, 2010

Friendly Researc-y Article

This came across Facebook yesterday and of course the title caught my eye: Guilty Pleasures: Religion and Sex Among American University Students. This is a good primer article that can get you familiar with a lot of the issues I am looking at with my research. Basically the research this person did shows the same thing I've been talking about with mine; e.g. even students who consider themselves very "religious" are participating in sexual relationships and not feeling (too) bad about it. Of course, the research doesn't show WHY they are doing it and HOW they are rationalizing it or even too much in depth about their thoughts about it, particularly how they make decisions about whether or not to participate in sexual relationships and what factors they consider. Which is exactly what my research is about. And with Nigerian students rather than CA college students. But very similar stuff. So anyway, just so you get an idea that I'm not the only person interested in this stuff I thought I'd share it.

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ange said...

Good article for introducing people who aren't aware of what you do. :)