Monday, July 19, 2010

My Digs

I know some of you have been dying for pictures, so I finally got around to taking some this afternoon. It was much harder to get them uploaded! The bandwidth here is pretty slow so it takes a while. I had to resize them and upload them one by one. But finally got them done! Enjoy!

Here's a view from the door of my room (excuse the mess):

Also, see that love seat type couch in the middle of the picture? Totally tripped and fell on it last night when I got up to go to the bathroom!

Here's the view from the opposite wall:

TV doesn't actually work. And the internet doesn't reach to the guest house. So basically I sleep and shower here.

Here is my bathroom:

Right now the hot water heater is broken so I'm taking cold showers...brrr! But it's supposed to get fixed (hopefully) tomorrow!

This guest house is called the "glass house." I'm not really sure why. There are 6 rooms in the guest house. I'm in Room #1. Because I'm #1 obviously.

Here's the door to the guest house. It's a sliding glass door...maybe that's why it's called the glass house? The sliding glass door is reminiscent of the one we grew up with, e.g. it doesn't really have to dragggg it bumpity bumpity along.

This is the outside of the guest house. The two windows closest to the right corner are mine.

This is L & F's house. It's very large. If you look closely you'll see O goofing around and photobombing me.

And this is the "main house" e.g. Mama's house. She lives here when she's home, but she travels a lot so she isn't here right now.


ange said...

Wowza! Looks pretty cool. I think that you should add pictures of what the entrance to the compound looks like and also what the compound looks like as a whole. Not at all what I had imagined!

Mom said...

Keep up the blog posts! they are SO INTERESTING and besides, it helps us feel closer to you! I am hoping things continue to go on as well as they've started out!