Monday, July 26, 2010

My Visit to Uromi

I went to Uromi on Saturday. It is the place where we do our annual medical mission trips. I went to visit Father John who runs the Children's Home in the town and has acted as our "administrator" for our medical mission supplies. He keeps track of all the drugs and equipment that we send him and another volunteer, Lucky, comes and picks them up before each clinic. We have 5 clinic sites in Uromi that are run by the public health nurses that staff the public health clinics where our free clinics are held. A recent medical school graduate has been the volunteer doctor overseeing the clinics. We've been so lucky to build this volunteer network finally. It only took 6 years!

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After taking care of "business" I got to play with the little kids while the big kids were doing devotionals in the chapel. Here are some cute shots of the kiddos:

Me poisoning their teeth with sugary suckers

Pretending to be innocent of above said crimes.

They were fascinated with rubbing my white skin.

This kid was so excited he peed his pants. Right on my foot.

After playing for a while I went back to my room to "rest and refresh" (and wash pee off my foot). I then had dinner with Father John & the seminarian who has been staying with him. After that we went to the chapel to finish up night time prayers with the kids. Then it was time for bed. At 8:30pm. I know how to live I'm telling you.

But that's ok, I read for a while before falling asleep because I had to get up at 5:15 am because I had to make it to 6 am mass! Definitely a different lifestyle. After mass we had breakfast and watched the Catholic network on tv and the driver came to fetch me at 1o. I was back in Benin by noon and have been hanging out all day!

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ange said...

Super cute pics, babe! I never would have known you were...ummm...getting peed on by a little kid if you wouldn't have posted this! You look so cute with those little ones. Maybe just sneak one home with you in December. ;)

And don't pretend like we are some rock stars over here. Puh-lease. We are usually in bed by 1030. And now that you aren't here...that's changed to 930. I'm the one living it up.

Thanks for posting pics with you in them! I miss you so much!