Wednesday, March 28, 2012

365: Mini Mudslide

And I don't mean the yummy drink.

It rained like WHOA last night. It actually woke me up at one point. No thunder, no lightening, no hail...just loud ass rain. I laid there for a while hoping that the steep canyon behind our house wouldn't decide to move it, move it.

Today I counted 15 "waterfalls" on my 2 mile trip up to the highway. Some were in dry run off areas and some were just randomly popping out of the canyon walls. When I came home this evening most of them were still running...lighter flow but still running.

On the canyon wall on the way up our driveway there was a mini-mudslide. It's about 20 feet across by 20 feet high. Let's hope this is the worst slide we get around here! We have several more days ahead of rain!

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