Friday, March 9, 2012

365: Exhausted

Daisy looks how we feel. In the midst of all the sick doggie craziness, Daisy has been her usual wacky self. Today she did NOT want to come in when it was time for us to leave. So we decided to let her be a wild and free dog. This meant she would outside for about 6 hours by herself. She spends hours and hours outside when we're home so we figured it wasn't much difference. We left a bowl of water out (and she always has our mineral spring overflow pan) and hoped for the best. Well at least Ange did. I was worried to death all day. Nervous dog mom you could say. We got home and she came running up the canyon to greet us! I was relieved. I thought she might come in for a long nap like she usually does on the weekend, but nope! Stayed outside until the sun went down. In addition to the time she spent when we got up today, she spent almost 12 solid hours outside today. She loved every minute of it. And now she's passed out COLD. Works out for all of us!

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