Sunday, March 25, 2012

365: Awesome Activism!

Ange and I are going to have nearly identical pictures for our 365/POTD today, but that's ok because they'll have some different words and they will both be spreading the same message.

Tonight Stonewall Alliance Center of Chico hosted Joe Wilson, documentarian extraordinaire, and a free screening of his film Out in the Silence. It's a movie about being gay in a small rural town in PA. I can't recommend it enough! It's a fantastic film with a very powerful message. The best part is that it's available for you to see for free on Awesome sauce. Go see it. NOW.

And finally I do have to give a shout out to my lover bear. She is the one who organized this whole thing with Joe. If it weren't for her hard work the movie wouldn't have happened. But because she's a hard little worker bee she made it happen and 60+ people got to see the movie an help spread activism! Great job boogie bear! I'm so proud of you!

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