Thursday, March 8, 2012

365: Teaching FAIL

In addition to all of our dogs falling apart, I had a crappy teaching day as well. If you don't know what KONY 2012 is...then you must be living under a rock. So between last night and this morning I had a brilliant idea to use the video & surrounding controversy as the centerstone for our discussion on social marketing in my Community Health class. My students were SO excited. Some had seen it, some had not; all were excited to take a contemporary topic and explore it through the realm of our class. Would have been brilliant except for the computer in my (not so) smart technology classroom decided it didn't want to play the freaking video. We tried every solution we could to make it work (different sites, seeing if there was another open classroom, trying to hook up student computers to the projector, etc.) but in the end, nothing worked. Hate when my brilliance goes to waste. We got out of class 30 minutes early with the instruction to watch it on their own, read the articles I printed out for them and we'd discuss Tuesday. Totally not the same. But alas, what can you do? Stupid day.

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