Friday, August 6, 2010


I think yesterday was the first day that I didn't post anything since I've been here minus the few days we had no internet. Things have been CRAZY here this week. This week is the Church's women's conference and that means not only do we have approximately 30+ international guests (some from various places across the US, but also England & Cote I'vore) but also there are three sessions a day at the church. Luckily I do not have to attend them all or I might drop dead. The evening session alone lasts between 5 and 7 hours. Seriously. Then there is the early morning session (from 5:30 am to 8 am) and the mid-day session (9 am-2 pm). The other good thing is that since we are international guests we usually miss the first hour which is just praise/worship singing. Even still, exhausting. Yesterday I joked that I could never be Pentecostal because I just don't have the stamina and energy. One of the Americans said "I didn't think anyone had this amount of energy!" and they are Pentecostal too so that made me feel a bit better. The conference will be over technically tomorrow, but as we know, it really leads in to Sunday service. The groups leave on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning so after that normalcy will resume and hopefully I'll get down to business. I was lucky to catch the University's chapel service today and said hello to some students. Next week I'm going to try and do some more meeting and greeting so I can start gearing up for interviews. Can't wait to finally feel like I am making giant leaps of progress rather than just small steps.


Laurie said...

I wondered why so many pictures of church services. Figured you were converted.

ange said...

HAHA @ your mom's comment! SRSLY.

Hang in there, babe! You will be rockin' and rollin' on interviews in no time! Ya just had to get through these first couple of weeks.