Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Banana Bread Party!

L asked T to make some banana bread yesterday because one of the (local) guests from the women's conference wanted to take some home to Lagos with her. I got home from the airport after dropping off the American guests and told T I'd help. Apparently I was more of a pain than a help however.

There was a bag of bananas and I said "Should I mash these?" and she said yes and went about measuring flour and other things. I peeled all the bananas and started to smash them when Tracy shrieks "AUNTY LINDSAY! Do you think we are having a party of something??? In the history of banana bread making no one has ever smashed as many bananas as that!" Ok, she didn't really say the history bit, I made that up, but that's pretty much what she was saying. I told her not to worry, that it would be ok, they'd just be extra moist and banana-y. What I didn't realize is that T is a baking perfectionist so NO we couldn't just have extra bananas in the double batch, we now had to make a triple batch. Oops, sorry.

Then I was measuring sugar. I spilled a little extra because they use grocery sacks to package the flour and sugar rather than paper like we use in the US and it slipped a little. You would have thought I killed someone. So at this point she pretty much thought I was a complete disaster. I tried to stir the batter and apparently I wasn't doing that well either so she said "Oh just give me that, you look like you are stirring a pot of noodles or something." Epic Fail.

The funny thing is, although I am a crap cook, I am a REALLY good baker. But apparently I was not up to T's strict standards. Oh well, that means next time she'll have to do it herself! Ahahahaha


ange said...

Way to earn a "no baking" status, babe.

Laurie said...

if she thinks your stirring style was sub-standard, she should see mine. Leslie thinks I stir stuff like a crazy person.