Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome to My Home!

Well, my home for the next 4 months.

After the non-negotiating with the University Guest House I elected to stay on the compound where I've been and just relocate to another room in another building. It's still close enough to the main houses, but gives me a little more privacy and peace so I can focus on my work.

I checked out the room and it looked like perfectly fine accommodations, and definitely better than paying $800 a month for even lesser accommodations! The room had been used by an American for many years but she went back to the US to work on a graduate degree and has not yet returned so we figured it would be a great place for my temporary but slightly lengthy stay. Since it has been sitting for a while it just needed to be cleaned up a little bit. I told A I would work on it the day after we looked at it but she was insistent that she would do it, and boy oh boy did she! She cleaned it to death! Scrubbed everything until it sparkled. It still had a little bit of a mildewy smell to it but after consulting with L she thought it might be the clothes the former resident had left behind. Apparently with the heat and humidity in Nigeria, if you leave clothes uncovered for lengthy periods of time (almost 2 years in this case) they tend to capture a strong odor. In her infinite wisdom, by golly she was right! I packed the clothes away in some containers and the smell vanished. L also had one of those reed diffuser air freshener things and that has given the room just a slight pick-me-up as well!

I moved all my stuff over and finally unpacked EVERYTHING for the first time in a month! It felt really good. After a day or so I realized there were a few finishing touches I'd like to put on the room, so I consulted with my best shopper A and decided that on her next day off we'd borrow a driver and do some running around. I finished it all yesterday and now I room!

Here is the shot of my bed, little sitting area, my new rugs, and the door. You can kind of see the dresser where I leave a bunch of H&B crap...but I cut it off because it is kind of messy and I didn't feel like cleaning it up!

Here's my desk & closet area.

Here's the inside of my closet. See my cute little laundry basket?

The other side of my closet. See how crafty I was with buying fabric and making a shelf liner?

My bathroom. Again, crafting with my new "curtain." Love that fabric!

And my new mop, mop bucket, broom and dust pan! We'll see how much use I get out of those ;)

So there you have it! My cozy little room for the rest of my time here! Now when you think about me you can picture me here!


Laurie said...

Looks good! Glad you have somewhere you can be at home!

ange said...

Looks good, babe. I'm curious if you have a shower curtain though...