Friday, August 20, 2010

Slowing things down

You will begin to notice a bit of a slow down here at the blog in the next few days. I'm going to try and do a blog post every other day rather than every day. There are a few reasons for this:
  • My life is not all that exciting. Now that I've settled into a normal routine, which basically includes hanging out at the university, home or church, there isn't too many exciting stories to tell. I'm sure little bits and pieces of funny things will happen, but overall, I'm just living a normal life like all of you. Normalcy usually means nothing blog-worthy.
  • Now that I am really settled, more and more of my daily routine will be stuff that I actually can't write about. Anything that has to do with details of my research will need to be protected for privacy sake. Additionally, because my day-to-day life is more settled I am hanging around a lot of the same people, and these people's lives are very enmeshed with mine and it becomes difficult to talk about my daily life without featuring their lives in my stories, and I want to keep their lives out of my blog as much as possible. None of them have asked to star in my blog so I am respecting their right to privacy by not posting anything related to them as much as possible. When I have stories that are interesting and can be told without too much involvement of those around me I'll be on top of it, but hopefully you can understand my need to keep some of my daily life undocumented in the public sphere.
I'll also be writing about things non-specifically Nigeria related. In an attempt to fill in space created by the above points I'll be writing about some other things. Hopefully all interesting to readers!

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