Thursday, April 26, 2012

365: All in a Day's Work

Today I walked into the HCSV office to find Ms. Tina here manhandling Bubba. Who's Bubba? He's our Department Mascot. He has a torso, head and arms--they just were waiting in the wagon until Bubba's body got put back on his stand. Bubba dresses up in all sorts or gear all year round. He's got a graduation outfit (that he's wearing now), a Santa Suit for Christmas, some casual Wildcat gear for non-holiday/celebration time. And of course he has his g-string. Since he gets moved around so much and is always changing clothes someone thought it would be a good idea if we didn't let him hang in the breeze all the time. And obvs a g-string is the best choice. The things you have to deal with if you are housed in our department! (And I'm talking about both Bubba and Tina)

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camper trailers said...

lol.. the that mannequin's leg is really big..