Tuesday, April 3, 2012

365: Bargain Fashion Diva

One of my recent goals is to be more fashionable. Because duh, why not? I love fashion. It takes more effort on many fronts (time, thought, bargain hunting, etc.) but it's totally worth it. I feel better when I'm sassy and fashionable and it's fun!

I've been amassing new pieces here and there and trying to wear old things in new ways. This outfit is a perfect example.

The dress was a steal at Old Navy. On clearance for $13.99; it was missing a sash/belt or something. Being the fashion maven I am I knew if I inquired about it and acted all put out that it didn't have it (even though I could care less about it) I'd get a discount. I was banking on 10%, mayyyybe 20%, but BOOM! 50% off! Making it just over $6. Total bargain.

I thought I had a cute wide belt but I couldn't find it so I swapped out a black sash from a tunic-style shirt, threw on my cute suit jacket I bought for interviewing last year, dug out some cute Nine West wedges I bought at DSW ages ago, polished my tootsies and threw on some clearance earrings I got from Target a few years ago and VOILA! Fashionista was ready for work!

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