Monday, April 9, 2012

365: Haulin' Ass

Ange and I are major fans of Craigslist. We've bought many items there, sold as many more, found houses, roommates, etc. We love CL.

One of the funniest things that happens when we go to look at and probably purchase goodies is that potential sellers look at little Escape with doubt in their eyes and ask when we're going to come back and pick up said item. As if! Little Escape is the Queen of Hauling Things! And yet, people continue to doubt the massiveness of her inner bowels.

Today we picked up Ange's fancy new recliner (see her post about it) and I was surprised that the guy was in shock about it fitting. Seriously? We didn't pick up a dump truck dude; it's a recliner. Earlier this year another dumb guy (hmm, maybe there's a pattern emerging...) doubted our ability to fit a full size kitchen table into our little trooper. Well not only did we fit the table, we also fit two of the dining chairs too! Roasted ye of little faith! Typical man, always misjudging sizes and how much will fill a space. Pshhhht. Get out of here with that madness.

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