Tuesday, April 10, 2012

365: Poppies!

California poppies are one of the few flowers I like and appreciate. I don't really care about flowers all that much. I mean, I'm not like DIE FLOWERS DIE, but they're just whatevs. Except for poppies. They make me super happy for some reason. Maybe they are one of the few things I associate with memories from when I was a kid besides my family and the beach. I have a shit memory and can barely remember things that happened last year much less 30 years ago. But I remember being fascinated by poppies when I was little. If you aren't aware, California poppies close up at night into little buds and spread open wide when the sun comes up. That's just so cool.

Today was gray and overcast so this little poppy field in the middle of campus had mostly closed buds. I snapped this right before I had to go in and bust heads with the people trying to ruin our Africa trip. Good thing I saw these first.

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