Friday, April 6, 2012

365: So Bourgeoisie

One of the perks of finally arriving in my career and making good money is the ability to have someone else prep and file my taxes. We're generally low maintenance, do-it-yourself kind of girls, but this year, with all the complicated factors of moving, domestic partnership, two different states, etc. etc. I knew I couldn't handle this whole thing and wouldn't be sure I was even doing it right and maximizing our return. So we hired a CPA to do it all for us. I was feeling super weird about it until we picked up our taxes today. All we had to do was sign six forms (5 tax forms and a CHECK for the accountant naturally) and we were done. He is e-filing our joint CA return and our separate federal return (because that whole separate BUT TOTALLY EQUAL thing re: gay marriage) and they had the Indiana returns all packaged up and labeled and ready to be dropped in the mail. It was like the angels were singing down from heaven. Totally worth the money we paid just for that alone, but on top of it we got some great money back for the first time in forever. The only thing we owed was $3 on Ange's Indiana return (which is ridic, but whatever, we'll take it). I can get used to this.

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