Monday, September 26, 2011

365: The Mythical Dust Dog

So apparently I drive fast. Who knew? Anyway, the speed limit on our road is 15 MPH and apparently that is not the actual speed our neighbors would like us to go, but would instead prefer 5-10 MPH. About 2 weeks after we moved in they posted some signs along the road. Maybe it wasn't because of us (really, mostly me) but since there are only 4 houses past ours and we're the only newbies around, I'm thinking they were directed at us (and mostly me). The best part of this whole public shaming of my driving skills is that Ange recently revealed that for several weeks she was perplexed at what a "dust dog" might be and it wasn't until several weeks of pondering went by that she realized they were two separate reasons to slow down. I laughed so hard at her. She told me I couldn't tell anyone about her blonde moment (moment that lasted weeks, ahem), but she is the one who took this picture today using my phone so unless she was having another blonde moment she had to know it was going to be my pic o'the day. Love you dust dog!

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