Friday, September 23, 2011

365: Recycling

In California we recycle damn near everything. Big difference from Indianapolis where recycling is damn near impossible. Unfortunately we live at the bottom of a canyon so we have to drag our recyclables to Chico to the recycling center. It's a pain, but it saves the Earth and we get money for returning our CRV stuff (anything you can drink out of mostly). Since I have a relaxed Friday schedule and the recycling center is only open M-F it's my job to recycle. So about every 3 weeks I haul all of our recyclables to the car, drive to the center, separate them by type and get some monies. Since I work hard at it I then take the money we earn and buy a treat for myself! Hehe Today I was walking by the brown glass container (yep, we even separate all the recyclables by type AND color) and I noticed it was mainly filled with Sierra Nevada bottles. It was funny since anywhere else in the country you would probably see Miller, Coors & Bud and maybe a smattering of other brands. That's what happens when you live in a town with a brewery!

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