Thursday, September 8, 2011

365: Oof!

I finally made it through the week thereby showing this cold who's BOSS. I wrapped up my last class for the week feeling accomplished and when I arrived at Butte Hall I discovered the elevators were not working. Suck. Now I can admit that I'm never going to be excited about climbing up five flights of stairs to get to my office high above the ground floor, but having a cold that is already making me feel like I can't breathe in addition to the fact that our staircases are actually outside of the building and it was in the mid 90's today was the topping on the cake for this. I slowly and surely made my way up to my office thankful that I was DONE teaching and not on my way to doing so. At least I got to go home shortly after so I didn't have to look like a tired sweaty mess on top of it all!

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