Thursday, September 15, 2011

365: One of my Favorite Things about Camp Awesome

As if having FIVE dogs wasn't enough work already, we have 4 perpetually needy dogs that take extra special care to thrive. One dog only eats wet food, one dog has epilepsy and has to take phenobarbital twice a day, one dog is a grouchy arthritic who takes 5 pain pills and Prozac daily, and one has a genetically terrible mouth and is on antibiotics ever other month. The one "well" one is just a jerk, but requires no particular medical care. This house came with an AWESOME basement-y type area that we've totally made into the Dog Dude Ranch. The very best part of it is the "wet bar" area where we can set up the arsenal. It's a one stop shop that I visit several times a day for various reasons. It saves me from having to make eleventy million trips up and down the stairs. I need all the energy I can get living in this zoo!

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