Tuesday, September 20, 2011

365: FroYo

My BFF Heather introduced Ange and I to a "make your own frozen yogurt creation" place in Indiana right before we left. I was happy to see a plethora of "FroYo" places in Chico. Unfortunately none of them so far has measured up to the one that Heather introduced us to. However, there is one little shop near campus that offers $1 creations on Tuesdays. That is a Super Steal people. They usually charge by the ounce and it isn't cheap. Now granted they make you use a small cup for that $1 but even still it is a substantial savings. Plus it forces me to not be a complete FroYo pig so double win. It may not be as good, but for a buck I can hardly complain! (Bonus: check out the cool mosaic bench I found to sit on while I ate my $1 FroYo and waited for Ange to be done with her haircut!)

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