Tuesday, November 8, 2011

365: Wackadoodle

I know I've had non-stop dog posts lately but they really are such a huge part of my (and our) life. And it's that time in the semester that we're just hunkered down trying to get to Christmas. So there are not a lot of photo ops. Our dogs ALWAYS provide good photo ops. 

Anyway, I'm pretty sure Daisy's brain has fallen out somewhere in the canyon. Lately she has been so goofy. Her latest thing is being a completely lazy slug with no bones in her body. Several times in the past few weeks we've gotten up from the couch and in the process rolled Daisy off of us. Rather than, ya know, MOVE or right herself, she just stays wherever she rolled off. It doesn't matter of she's upside down, laying wonky or being totally squished. And she'll lay there forever. Or until we get back to the couch and reposition her on our laps. She's totally insane.

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