Saturday, November 26, 2011

365: Tubby Time!!!

Since we've been working outside on the camper for 4 days the dogs have had free roam of the canyon. It's pretty much been the best 4 days of their lives. Until this evening. Because then it was tubby time. Sam decided to roll in something that looked like a poop/mud mixture and smelled like straight up vomit. The two girls have been running through the damp dirty canyon and were due for a bath anyway. Duke doesn't get baths inside usually because he is terrified of the tub and Sheps aren't supposed to take baths much because of their skin issues (of which Duke has many). He also doesn't get into much so he doesn't get too dirty like the other three. He'll get a bath in the spring. None of them like the bath, but Daisy looks the most miserable so she got to be the 365 photo star! Poor sad doggie. But now they all smell so nice and clean!

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