Tuesday, November 29, 2011

365: Fog

We noticed last week that the fog is getting thicker and denser as we roll into winter here in Northern California. Chico sits in the valley between two giant mountain ranges. We're also upwind from San Francisco and Sacramento so anything that rolls in from the bay rolls into our valley and sits. Chico is very clean & green but unfortunately we suffer from the bigger city's pollution during the summer as it rolls on up. Looks like we get their fog too. The weirdest part is that it hovers over Chico and we live just far enough up the mountain to not get much of it at all. The past two days it has been blazingly sunny when we leave our house and as soon as we start our descent into Chico it's like we're flying through a ton of clouds. It usually clears up midday but returns for the drive home. I don't mind fog, and I surely love it more than snow, so if this is what winter is like around here, I'll take it!

(Thanks for snapping the picture while I drove babe!)

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