Monday, November 28, 2011

365: Anti-Bear Harness Contraption

Daisy is a mastermind when it comes to escaping. She's pretty much the Houdini of dogs. She's had to wear a harness her whole life because she can wiggle out of a collar in nothing flat. She has even mastered wiggling out of a harness. When taking her on a leash we had to thread it on the underneath side or she'd yank it right over her head. This weekend while running through the canyon she must have gotten trapped on something and lost her harness in the process. She came home "naked" and with harness burns around her neck and scrapes all over her belly. We had been worried that might happen and that sealed the deal for a microchip and no more harness. We've been taking her out at night on a leash for the past few months because if we don't she runs around for hours in the dark. Tonight I took her out with a back up harness and when I was rounding up the other dogs she slipped out of it. However with tonight's bear scare this has become completely unacceptable. So I decided to outsmart her and rig up a two part system. She's wearing a harness and I've attached a regular collar around her waist and connected them with the leash! She. Is. Pissed. There is no way for her to get out of it! The first time it was a little tight and she kept bucking like a bronco and flopping over like a fish. We were dying. But she's gotten used to it and it keeps her safe!

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