Monday, November 7, 2011

365: And then there were four...

I still can't believe our little Stone is gone. All day long I've been looking around the house expecting to see him. When people would ask "How in the world can you have FIVE dogs?" I would always tell them that after 3 you don't really notice. While that is true generally, today having only 4 dogs has just been so...loud. The hole left in our family is heavy and big. This has pretty much been the stupidest day ever. The only thing that makes it better is the outpouring of love we've received from our family and friends from around the world. I know that everyone knows how important these dogs are to us and it means a lot that so many people took just a moment of their day to say kind things to us. I got 8 emails from my students telling me how sad and sorry they were (I cancelled class today and let them know why since I was out of town at APHA last week--I didn't want them to think I was just blowing off class). We gave ourselves the day to be sadder than sad; tomorrow we pick up the pieces and move on, but he will never be forgotten.

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