Friday, February 18, 2011

My Sister and I Shared A Bed for About 7 Years

And not because we were some poor kids struggling or anything. It was mostly by choice.

She had her own bed in her own room. We just shared a bed in my room. I know, this sounds weird. And I guess it kind of was, but whatever. That's why we're BFFs now. Sister bond!

So Leslie was a sloppy pig when she was little. She hated to clean her room and it was always, as my parents put it, a "pig sty." One night, when I think I was a sophomore in high school, which would make Leslie a 6th grader, my sister's room was such a disgusting mess she couldn't even get into her bed. She didn't feel like clearing enough space off of her bed to get into it so she asked if she could spend the night in my room. I said fine.

Well, she never left.


We slept in the same bed for the rest of the time I was in high school. And then when I left for college she moved her crap into my room. And when I came home from school on break, I would sleep in the now her room that was really my room that she took over. But always in the same bed.

We didn't stop sharing a bed until we moved to our new house after our dad got remarried. I don't know why we did, but I guess since we had new bedrooms and Leslie's was clean since she just moved into it she decided to give it a go. That's the only reason I can think of.

Anyway, I know it sounds strange but Leslie and I are not really loners. We like to be with people and don't like to be alone too much. Sometimes, but not really that much. And it was pretty much like having a sleepover every single night. Normally you can only attend sleepovers on the weekends right? Well not when you share a bed with your sister!

I think my dad tried to get her to clean her room and sleep back in her room but that didn't happen. Sadly my dad was overwhelmed with the estrogen in his house and rarely succeeded in getting us to do things we were dead set against.

So there you have it. Rationale (or at least explanation) for why were are BFFs and perhaps why we are so weird.


*Briana* said...

I'm fourteen and my sister is twelve so we aren't that far in age. Me and my sister share a room. Its super small and there is no way around it. We share a bunk bed now, but it's so embarrassing. Would it be more embarrassing to have a queen that we share or should we keep it this way. I have no problem with queen to share, because often we share a bed anyways. Do you think this would be weird with friends over though?

Lindsay Briggs said...

You guys are closer in age than my sister and me. When I had friends over she would spend the night in her own room (or in our other sister's room). It doesn't sound like you have that option. Maybe you could just include your sister in your sleepover? If you had the bunk bed then she could sleep in her "own" bed and your friends could sleep on the floor. Or you could both sleep in a queen bed and your friend could still sleep on the floor. I think it's about having self confidence. I wouldn't care what my friends thought, but it has to be something your are comfortable with. It helped my sister and me bond so I would go for it!