Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oooh, cool technology

I was flipping through some blogs and on the blog of a girl I went to high school with I saw this cool link to Prevention magazine's website and this neat-o techno app they have so I just had to try it.

The Weight Loss Simulator lets you put in your stats and change a little bit of appearance info in so you can see what your body looks like at current size and what it would look like at your goal weight. Of course it doesn't look exactly like me, but still cool and close enough to get an idea.

So here is the current, overweight me:
And here is me at my goal weight:
Ahhh...much better! I liked the visual representation. Maybe it will be a good motivator. It was fun to play with anyway!


NY Diva said...

Neato! Mine looked nothing like me, I was sorta disappointed. I think the program thinks I carry my weight differently than I do.

Diva of Diversity said...

I was surprised how much the body of mine looked like me. Did you play with the different shapes and the adjustment buttons? I messed around with those until it plumped me up in the right areas.